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Early in 2004, executives from the International division of a pharmaceutical group set up the otc business agency röttinger to gather their experience of many years to set up a company of their own.

While that company name was due mainly to the focus at the time on the approval and marketing of over-the-counter products, it became increasingly clear that the diversity of inquiries addressed to us covered a substantially broader spectrum. As a consequence, the otc business agency röttinger, in May 2008, became Dr. Röttinger Pharma.

Our range of services rendered covers all sectors required for setting up a successful export business, starting with drug approval processes to launches, marketing planning, distribution tasks to field service including management, controlling, and training. Our focus is on small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies looking for competent support for their own export divisions for sustainable improvement of their international business activities.

Our network currently provides a team of more than 650 field workers calling both on the most varying kinds of physicians and pharmacists.

In the sector of drug approval we can rely on a group of more than 100 experienced drug approval experts selected by us individually and related to projects depending on the task at hand.

Our business segments are arranged as described below.